A brief story about DGF Creations

At DGF Creations, our mission is to bring you desserts that are real and truly delicious.

Dina has always been a very creative person; she studied in computers and has been working in that field for over 16 years.  While on maternity leave, she decide to take her passion of decorating and baking to a new height, she began testing different  material and ingredients , in order to obtain the quality ending finish, she uses only the finest, freshest ingredients to make all her desserts.  That’s when DGF Creations was born, there, in a home kitchen, with real ingredients and lots of passion for this wonderful work.  She is a self-taught cake decorator.  Everything that she sells is made fresh, completely by hand, from scratch, and on the premises.

And now, Dina finds herself treading onward! DGF Creations Bake Shop offers a place where you can purchase baking supplies to create our own goodies! 

Feel free to contact her directly if there is anything you’re interested in.
And many thanks for visiting DGF Creations Bake Shop!